Enter to Win a Chuckanut Botanicals Body Care Gift Set!

November 02, 2014

Enter to Win a Chuckanut Botanicals Body Care Gift Set!

This month we are running a contest giving away 4 prize packages that include a bar of soap, a deodorant, a body butter and 3 bars of soap given to the Food Bank. That means 4 lucky winners get a gift set (either Unscented, Luscious Lavender, Cascade Range or Succulent Citrus) and 3 bars of soap will be donated on their behalf. You can enter throughout the month of November at:
Feel free to pass this on to your friends and family so everyone has a chance to win. Good luck!

New this month in our store are: Unscented Body Butter, Luscious Lavender Body Butter, Succulent Citrus Body Butter, Beard Wash, Unscented Deodorant, Succulent Citrus Deodorant, Luscious Lavender Deodorant, and Cascade Range Deodorant.
I personally use the Succulent Citrus Body Butter and the Succulent Citrus Deodorant daily. They say scent is a very personal thing and in the case of designing the Succulent Citrus products this is absolutely true. I mixed the essential oils present in these items to match the scent profile of my favorite tea. The tea in question is Gout Russe Douchka. It has the lovely aroma of lemon, orange and bergamot. Using the deodorant and body butter allow me to enjoy the wonderful citrus scent all day long.

This month is also known as "Movember." Many men choose not to shave throughout the month in order to bring awareness to Prostate Cancer. If you know someone who is participating our beard care items can really make the whole process much more manageable. We carry Beard Wash, Beard Oils, Beard Conditioner and Kent Handmade Combs that can really do wonders to keep those beards looking and feeling awesome. Find our Beard Care items here.

Part of the reason for running our gift set giveaway (other than to offer you a chance to get a lovely gift set) is that this month and next month I'd like to highlight our One for One donation program. For every bar of soap bought in our store we provide a bar of soap to someone in need. What better time of year than now to give someone a bit of joy with a lovely smelling all natural soap?