3 Really Good Reasons You Should Change the Way You Wash Your Hair

December 14, 2014

3 Really Good Reasons You Should Change the Way You Wash Your Hair


1. You're wasting money. I have crazy hair and in an effort to keep it under control I've spent thousands of dollars over the years buying ultra expensive shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner. Seriously. I've been using shampoo and conditioner that costs almost 3 dollars an ounce for 20 years. With what I am about to share with you there is no reason for that amount of money being spent to achieve the same results.

2. You're putting nasty chemicals in your hair. Have you ever looked at the back of a shampoo bottle? There are very few ingredients that you can actually recognize, right? Recently, there was a study completed that found an illegal cancer causing chemical in 100 well-known brands of Shampoo. (You can read about it here.) Switching to natural products with an ingredient list I can read gives me peace of mind.

3. You're creating an environmental impact with all those empty shampoo and conditioner bottles you go through. Most of the environmental impact from shampoo and conditioner comes from the disposable nature of all those packaging bottles. I use shampoo that can be wrapped in brown craft paper and "conditioner" that comes in a glass bottle and can be refilled from the bulk section at your natural foods market. 

Want to make a change?

Here is what I do for my hair care routine and I see no negative difference (although I do feel a positive one) in my outcome.

Before my shower I mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 3 cups of hot water, and a fresh sprig of rosemary (from a bush outside). I let that steep for 10 minutes on my bathroom counter. (I should say I have long, thick hair and 3 cups is overkill even for me so you could probably get away with 1.5 cups of water and 1 tblsp of apple cider vinegar).

I then jump in the shower and use one of our Organic Shampoo Bars to wash my head/hair.

I remove the rosemary sprig from my vinegar mixture. After rinsing out the shampoo suds, I pour my apple cider vinegar mixture over my hair and let it sit for two minutes.

I then rinse my head and I am done.

At first your hair will smell a bit vinegary (is that a word?) but when it dries it will have no smell at all.