Father's Day Gift Ideas

May 25, 2015

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Do you even know what day Father’s Day is on this year? Just kidding. It’s on June 21st if you were not actually sure. We wanted to make it easier to find an awesome gift for the fathers in your life, so we came up with this list to help you.

Coffee. High quality coffee can make a huge difference in a day. Hopefully the days when coffee was made in the morning and sat on a warmer all day are gone. Coffee should be made and enjoyed immediately and besides for using filtered water, a heated cup and a timer, the secret to a great cup is great freshly ground beans. A coffee subscription makes this possible even when the local choices are not so good. A Blue Bottle Coffee subscription would make a great choice for anyone. If you are younger and buying a gift for your husband, a Turntable Kitchen subscription would be a sweet gift as it includes coffee and vinyl records.

Whiskey. Although Jack Daniels and Crown Royal are quite popular there are also some lesser known brands that are quite good. Check out this list for some good ones to try. Steel balls are more effective than whiskey stones at keeping your drink cool

A hat or jersey for their favorite baseball team. Let’s face it: guys like their sports. If your dad is a big fan of the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs or New York Mets, these choices in hats and apparel are stylish.


We also like these awesome baseballs:



Legos. Hear me out on this one. Did you see the article about the man who built a Lego room in his house because he finds working with Legos so relaxing? Many dads actually find Legos fun and would be interested in a set that has personal meaning.

Beard Oil. These days many more men are sporting facial hair than ever before. It’s important to keep it kept up. Otherwise, it can get unruly easily. Not that many guys are familiar with beard care products but beard oil, beard balm, beard wash and beard combs help keep whiskers soft, flake free, smelling great and in line. A full kit is the best way to take care of a beard hassle-free but a bottle of oil by itself will also help a lot to add shine and luster, along with softness.

The perfect car. Sometimes when we get older and are successful in our lives, we realize all the sacrifices our dads made for us. In some rare instances you might decide to get your dad a large gift because you have done that well in business and you understand that without your father’s support, you would not be where you are. A few good choices are: Lincoln MKX, Lykan Hypersport, Dodge Charger, Chevrolet Camaro.

Father’s Day 2015 is right around the corner, it is better to get your fathers day gift early so that you make sure it is a special day for your dad and/or for your husband (if your kids are counting on you to get the gifts).

And remember, gifts are nice but in the end most fathers are just happy to be with family on Father’s Day.