Beard Balm

Chuckanut Botanicals Beard Balm is the ultimate beard conditioner and tamer. When trying to choose the best beard care products to meet your beard maintenance needs, this all-natural beard balm should top your list. We designed it to be the best beard moisturizer to address beard itch, dry skin under your beard and to soften your beard. This beard balm is unique in that it’s purpose is to work as a leave-in treatment for your facial hair. Many other balms are wax heavy and are designed similar to mustache wax. To be honest, I don’t feel using “beard wax” will give you the neat, professional looking beard I know you are looking for. Chuckanut Botanicals beard conditioner (sometimes called beard butter) has a softer texture out of the can making it easy to apply. Because it only contains shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil and essential oils you can feel good about using this to take care of your beard. In my humble opinion, this (along with it’s moisturizing ability) really makes it the best beard balm for your beard maintenance needs. Available in five manly scents, in two different sizes or as a part of our beard grooming kits.