Grow The Softest, Healthiest and Best-Looking Beard On the Planet


We know that when you use our Ultimate Beard Care Set, the results you’ll get will not only make you feel great and look amazing, but others will be turning heads and taking note…  

"This set came beautifully packaged and the Spicy Citrus Scent smelled divine. It added a nice light scent to my husband's beard without being overwhelming. I will definitely be ordering again." -Janelle S.

"This has completely changed the health of my boyfriend's beard. It has added back moisture and made his hair go from scruffy and coarse to soft. I was glad to see it came in Unscented as I have allergies to fragrances. " -Sarah N.

 Let’s face it, keeping your beard in tip-top shape and looking amazing takes a bit of grooming and proper conditioning with the right products. If not, your beard can get out of control and not only drive away your favorite loved one, but maybe even upset your boss to the point of being asked to chop it off. Cast your fears aside. It’s time to stop fearing the beard and getting it back to it’s peak of unprecedented manly beauty!

Here’s Everything You’ll Get When You Order Your Set Today…
5 oz Chuckanut Botanicals Organic Unscented Beard Wash
1 oz Chuckanut Botanicals Beard Oil
1 oz Chuckanut Botanicals Beard Conditioner
1 81T Kent Moustache Comb and either
A Kent Fine Hair Dressing Comb OR A Kent Thick Hair Dressing Comb

Our focus is providing you with the “Ultimate” beard kit to not only help you groom your beard, but also to keep it healthy so your beard can be the best it can be. We only use the most natural oils and ingredients to ensure that you get only the highest quality for your beard. Your beard deserves it. Treat it with respect, and it’ll treat you back with its natural beauty and amazing magnificence.