Cascade Range Organic Soap

  • Ever heard of Forest Bathing? It is described as immersing oneself in a forest environment in order to experience the healing effects of mother nature at her best. It is believed that the trees themselves emit natural aromatherapeutic benefits from the essential oils in the woods that are inhaled over an extended period, causing an actual "magic in the air." The elusive and slightly sweet scent of juniper berries enhances this woodsy bar, fresh as the outdoors. Ground juniper berries provide exfoliating action.

  • Ingredients: Saponified oils of safflower* and/or sunflower*, palm*, and coconut* (with retained glycerin); essential oils of fir needle, pine, juniper berry, and spruce; juniper berries*; rosemary extract. *organic

    4 ounce bar made with organic oils, cruelty free, and vegan

    Buy a bar of this soap and we will donate a bar of soap to a local food bank.

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