Succulent Citrus Bathing Salts

A blend of therapeutic sea salt, epsom salt, himilayan pink salt, dried organic orange and lemon peel and essential oils create a luxurious bathing experience. Mediterranean sea salt contains trace minerals such as potassium, iodine and magnesium which help gently detoxify your skin and improve circulation. Epsom salt is hailed for its muscle-soothing properties as well as enhancing sleep and mood. These are housed in a 8 ounce jar. All-natural and Handmade in the USA.

 Succulent Citrus

Notes: Orange, Lemon/Citrus

Refreshing, like a pitcher of ice cold lemonade in the high summer heat. 

Ingredients: Sea salt (sodium chloride), Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate), Himilayan Pink Salt, Organic orange peel, Organic lemon peel and a blend of essential oils.